Project examples

Aligning Coverage with Hurricane Paths

One key goal of the dLOC as Data project has been to experiment with different ways of making vast quantities of newspaper data more immediately useful. For this toolkit, a central guiding question was "how do we establish machine-readable connections between news coverage, specific storm events, and communities?" This map offers a glimpse into this work, showing how newspapers have described impact along the paths of three hurricanes—Dog (1950), Charlie (1951), and Hazel (1954).

Mapping Hurricanes in the Barbados Mercury

This project, focusing on hurricane coverage from 1772-1848 (prior to availability of storm path data), shows how storms impacted Barbados and other parts of the Caribbean, how this news circulated from other publications, and how storms were remembered over time. As a paper by and for white residents, coverage of ways in which hurricanes impacted enslaved individuals and other people of color is sparse; this map juxtaposes secondary sources to highlight this absence and enhance the historical record.